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HATZ Diesel

The Hatz Diesel GmbH company residing in Ruhstorf, Bayern belongs to worlds biggest producers of diesel engines under 60kW power. More than hundred years of tradition and using of most modern technology during the production ensures the combination of perfect performance parametres and low consumption and emission values satisfying the strictest european standards and limits.

Already since 1995 we are offering all HATZ engines and their spare parts for sale. We are providing as well service of high quality with our trained technicians.

Engines overview

B line - small, light, silent, versatile diesel engines; 3 až 8,5 kW
D line - single-cylinder diesel engines in power range from 4,5 to 11 kW
G line - double-cylinder engines of power up to 17 kW
M line - multi-cylinder industrial engines of power up to 60 kW
L line - multi-cylinder industrial engines of power up to 60 kW; noise-reducing encapsulation
H line - new generation of water cooled engines with power up to 60 kW

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Hatz Diesel spare parts

Ask us for spare parts for any of the Hatz engines. We will let you know immediately the price and possible delivery date.

All the filters are available on stock for immediate shipment!

Hydraulic pumps

Gear pumps are available in variants according to the volume of 2.05 cm3 (22.97 cm3 / rev) and are capable of stable operation at 8000 rpm. The maximum working pressure is between 150 and 255 bar. The design of the pump is flexible, all variants can be used in conjunction with one or even a third pump (according to the customer's request).


Advantages of HATZ engines

    Two basic qualities are ensuring the economical operation of HATZ engines. Optimum consumption of fuel and extraordinary long operating life. 
    Even in extreme climatic conditions are HATZ engines embodying the highest operation safety. It is significantly supported by air cooling. Air is available everywhere and compared to water it has two basic advantages - does not freeze and vapor. HATZ engines are world-famous for their ease of starting even in lowest temperatures.
    The HATZ engines are constructed with the aim on long operating life and robustness. The guarantee of these qualities are high quality of material and production. Handling and maintaining of HATZ engines does not make any problems even to non-professionals.
    The compact construction, many options of lowering the power and wide range of additional equipment are providing an ideal solution for everyday usage. 
    The HATZ company is for many years pioneer in developing ecologically friendly diesel engines. Research of HATZ company got on excellent success especially in noise-reduction and lowering the amount of harmful substances in exhaust gases.


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