Air conditioning

From projection till service, already 20 years for you in whole Czech Republic

Air conditioning systems

Since 1997 we are providing all activities from project preparation till post-warranty service.

preparation of project documentation for all professions: air conditioning, heating, measuring and regulation
we are providing wide range of all systems according to customer needs
complete delivery and installation of air condition equipment including thermal insulation, measuring and regulation of air condition and central heating
introduction to the operation instructions and maintenance duties
status check, launching, repairs and renovation of air condition equipment and its parts


Do you have any question, inquiry or you just want a hint how to technically solve your building? Let us know, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Main references 1997 - 2017

Air conditioning, heating, cooling, measuring and regulation for more than 40 bank affiliates in Czech Republic.

OBI České Budějovice
Air conditioning, heating, cooling, measuring and regulation of whole building.

HEAD SPORT České Budějovice - hala na výrobu lyží
Air conditioning, measuring and regulation of ski paint shop and storehouses.

Frujo Tvrdonice
Air conditioning, heating, cooling, measuring and regulation of offices, laboratories, production halls and warehouses of food
production company in South Moravia.

Dopravně obchodní centrum MERCURY České Budějovice
Heating, gas, service connection. 

SIKO Plzeň, České Budějovice
Air conditioning, cooling, heating and fire mains during reconstruction and additional building in České Budějovice and building of a new affiliate in Plzeň.

INTERZÓNA CB České Budějovice
Entire installation of a shopping centre (air conditioning, heating, cooling, measuring and regulation, electronic fire protection alarming, security alarming).

Nemocnice České Budějovice, Prachatice
Air conditioning and cooling of transfuse, oncology and gynecological department and sapraemic and catheterize room. 

Air conditioning solutions of hotels
U Železných dveří, Hofmeister (Praha), Panská (Bechyně), Savoy, Laguna, Zvon (České Budějovice), Vltava (Frymburk), Pstruh (Stožec), Lipno (Hůrka), Stožec (Nové Údolí), Na Zastávce (Veselí nad Lužnicí).


Martin Minář

executive director

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Vladan Marek
head of service department

technical support

mobile: +420 602 182 661
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Vít Šejda
offer preparation

mobile: +420 602 108 045
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Kristýna Schmiedová
offer preparation

mobile: +420 728 991 568
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